Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Know your enemy: 'Beheading with pleasure' (Video)

So you think you know the enemy we are fighting in the global war on terror?

Just in case you need reminding, this video is of a Wahhabi preacher teaching his charges how to accomplish the beheading of a human, likely of an innocent victim whose only 'crime' is not believing in radical Islam! (Yesterday's reminder: Knowing Your Enemy Part 2 (Graphic video and disturbing photos))

'Beheading With Pleasure' Tutorial Below!

'The video release of the appalling training session on ‘how to enjoy beheading procedure’ comes amid growing reports about unimaginable levels of brutality and violence practiced by extremist terrorist groups, such as the ISIL, particularly in Syria and Iraq.
According to an Al-Alam report on Sunday, in the video footage the Wahhabi preacher shamelessly misuses certain, out-of-context verses of Islam’s holy book, The Qur’an, to fabricate and invent meanings according to his own deviant interpretations, telling his trainee executioners that beheading of captives (such as the mostly civilians taken and brutally killed by ISIL terrorists in Iraq and Syria) should be performed ‘harshly, yet with pleasure!’
The Wahhabi preacher further emphasizes in the video piece that beheading a sheep is different from beheading a [human] captive and that the beheading of captives should not be done ‘indifferently’ as in the sheep’s case, rather it should be conducted with harshness along with pleasure.' (Source)



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