Friday, August 29, 2014

Irony: Ellis Island hospital tours begin as illegals pour unchecked over our southern border!

Ellis Island Hospital
Back in the day when immigrants arrived in droves at Ellis Island in New York Harbor, getting checked for infectious diseases at the hospital there was step number one!

And along with the medical check came a legal check as well.

And, despite what was an open door policy that sought to allow as many immigrants through as possible, over 250,000 people who failed these tests were sent back to their country of origin on the same ship that brought them here.

Ironically, starting in October when tours of the hospital there begin, people will be able to see where America did as much due diligence as she could on those people who desired to come and assimilate into our culture.

Compare that precaution to today when at the southern border of the United States, to my knowledge no such checks are being done which means that people contagious with diseases ranging from TB that's non-responsive to medicine to Ebola may be walking among us.

Some who may or not have an infectious disease may instead have criminal backgrounds that should also make them unwelcome here.

But again to my knowledge no checks are being conducted.

The irony is that since 1954 when Ellis Island was closed, for some politicians a lack of common sense and the desire to garner votes has apparently remained static as they offer American citizens no protections against potential for crime or disease!

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