Friday, August 15, 2014

How Jews are described in the Quran!

The Holy Book of the Religion of Peace describes Jews thusly:

According to a professor interviewed for an Arab publication, the points in this article are the way that Jews are described in the Quran!

So where exactly is peace in the Middle East ever going to come from?

Among the attributes of Jews that Muslims memorize every day:

  • Jews steal money
  • Jews use usury to enrich themselves and impoverish non-Jews
  • Jews don't care about human life
  • Jews are cowards, hiding behind fortified walls
  • Jews betray all agreements and covenants
  • Jews distort words of holy books
  • Jews  are killers of prophets and other fine people
  • Jews want to extinguish the light of Allah
  • Jews bring corruption to the lands they are in

H/T Elder of Ziyon


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