Saturday, August 2, 2014

Have the kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls been turned into suicide bombers?

It was only about 10 days ago we posted an article at TPC titled 'Nigerian schoolgirls: Still missing as celebrities lose interest in the hashtag!'

The crux of that story was that the liberal elites who jumped onto the story jumped back off just as fast when the story was out of the headlines.

Who can forget the concerned look on the face of Michelle Obama as she held up a Twitter hashtag as if in some way it would persuade a terrorist group to do the right thing.

But for liberals dealing with our enemy in the global war on terror, therein lies the problem.

It's the fact that they refuse to understand the enemy that we are fighting thinking that diplomacy, negotiation, pleas for common decency and yes, Twitter hashtags, can somehow win the day! (TPC: Know thy enemy: "The 39 Principles of Holy War")

Unfortunately, after all has been said and done, the Nigerian schoolgirls may have been found in the way that everyone feared they would be!

Being used by the terror group Boko Haram as suicide bombers!

'Fears have been raised that the schoolgirls kidnapped by Boko Haram militants earlier this year are being used as suicide bombers.

The speculation has arisen after a number of female suicide bombings in Nigeria's biggest city of Kano, while a ten-year-old girl wearing explosives was also discovered in Katsina state.

The latest attack came on Wednesday when a female suicide bomber blew herself up at a college in Kano, killing six people. According to reports, the bomber was a female teenager.' (Source)

H/T The Gateway Pundit


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