Sunday, August 10, 2014

Hate and anti-Semitism Roman-style! (Posters)

Do not buy from Jews!
Another example of the hate some have for Jews, this time from Rome, Italy, that has emerged from operating just under the surface of society and into the light of day!

The stated 'reasoning' behind this overt hate and anti-Semitism? Israel defending itself against missiles being fired indiscriminately at its people.

Bottom-line? If Hamas stops, Israel would stop. But of course Hamas has no interest in stopping and Israel is vilified for acting in self defense.

I often ask myself what the United States would do if missiles were being fired at Texas by Mexico?

Then I have to stop because I realize that with Obama as or President, it is likely we would do nothing beyond calling for a diplomatic solution and negotiations rather than taking out the source of the fire.

Kind of like what's going on at the Mexico border now, only different.

As far as Israel lifting the blockade from Gaza, and despite what Barack Obama has said, Hamas would simply use it as an opportunity to restock it weaponry only this time with more sophisticated and deadly arms supplied by its many benefactors around the region!

Hate the Italian way: 'Do Not Buy From Jews'!

Translation? 'Dirty Jews'


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