Friday, July 25, 2014

Video reenactment of Putin (Seinfeld) vs Obama (Babu Bhatt) (Humor)

One man, Putin, imposes his will and does as he will while the other, Obama, utilizes rhetoric as a means to no end!

For those who may not be Seinfeld fans the video below depicts how Jerry Seinfeld (in the role of Vladimir Putin) imposed his will on Babu Bhatt (our Commander-in-Chief) and, after that imposition failed, the only response that came from Babu (Obama) was rhetoric that fell on deaf ears.

This of course does not exactly correlate to Barack Obama's and his response to Vladimir Putin imposing his will in Ukraine, but it is pretty damn close!

My read of the situation is that Putin has no respect for and no fear of Barack Obama, resulting in the Russian leader pretty much doing whatever the hell he wants!

Cartoon source: Denver Post


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