Saturday, July 12, 2014

Poll results: Muslims love Obama!

A poll conducted by Gallup showed that of any religious denomination in the United States, Muslims by far are most approving of Barack Obama's job performance!

I suppose the response that I would have is to ask whether is it really any wonder or great surprise that this is how the results of the poll would play out?

After all everything that this President seems to say and do would appeal to a great many Muslims around the world so why not a majority in the US as well?

And for other religions his domestic agenda in conjunction with his foreign policy would in many ways be the antithesis of what would be appealing.

But rather than simply making a blanket statement concerning the reasons why the poll would play out the way that it did, let's look at a small sample of articles from throughout his years in office.

I will also say that what is absolutely astounding is that Jews approval of the job that the President is doing is over 50%.

June 2009: The Obama Cairo Address: What Does Al-Qaeda Think?

July 2011: What is Obama's endgame in reaching out to the Muslim Brotherhood! 

October 2011: The Obama Doctrine: Is $1.5 billion in U.S. aid to Egypt funding an Islamic fundamentalist ending to the "Arab Spring" 

April 2012: Muslim Brotherhood visits the Obama White House Wednesday and Israel hit by a missile out of Egypt Thursday!

January 2013: Barack Obama's Egypt: 15 years in prison for converting to Christianity!

December 2013: Egypt knows what Obama still can't figure out!

July 2014: Two views of your President (Video and Photo)

July 2014: Gallup Poll 'U.S. Muslims Most Approving of Obama'



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