Friday, July 18, 2014

No Policy + No Leadership + No Balls = Ukraine, Iraq, Benghazi, Syria, Crimea, etc! (Video)

In other words when no country, world leader or terrorist group believes a word you say or that any actions they take will result in meaningful retribution, they will act with impunity!

A perfect case in point is of course the redline drawn and then ignored in Syria but, well before that, we had the Obama apology tour and of course the words our President whispered into the ear of then Russian leader Dmitry Medvedev when he told of the increased flexibility he would have after the 2012 election.

Little did the world know, however, that the flexibility the President had spoken of had less to do with policy and more to do with a gymnastic position involving ankles that would ultimately lead us to the current menu of geopolitical crises we are facing.

If anyone missed it this afternoon, here is a small sample of the President's anemic response to the Russian-aided shooting down of a passenger jet that had American citizens onboard.

Leadership? A hard line? Anger? Or did it sound like an instant replay of the useless and feckless rhetoric he has uttered so many times in the past?

'Power joined Obama in calling for an immediate international investigation, and she warned that the separatists and those supporting them would have "good reason to cover up evidence of their crime." The U.S. has called for evidence from the crash site to remain in Ukraine until investigators determine who is responsible...

...Obama warned Russia anew on Friday that the U.S. has the capacity to increase the economic pain, but he outlined no specific potential actions. He did say he saw no U.S. military role in the conflict that has stemmed in part from Russia's annexation of the Crimean Peninsula from Ukraine....' (Source)

I doubt that Putin is losing any sleep about any potential actions that might be coming out of Washington although, on the flip side of the coin, our allies are no doubt quite concerned were any of them were to become targets!

And to be clear, the lack of balls mentioned in the title had to do with the game of pool that the President played in Colorado when he could have been at the Mexico border actually dealing with the crisis there.



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