Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Nigerian schoolgirls: Still missing as celebrities lose interest in the hashtag!

The Nigerian schoolgirls are still missing but, because their plight is no longer THE hot hashtag...

...Celebrities and politicians naturally have lost interest in the cause to bring them home!

Remember these pictures and Tweets back in early May? Another prime example of the Hollywood and Washington Lefties hopping on to the latest hot cause, showing their 'philanthropic and concerned side', and then dumping it when the publicity train pulls out of the station!

Some of these comments from an article at Twitchy.com explains it all!

That was like 3 months ago, Dude. Those celebrities can't remember everything their publicist tells them to do.

Bingo!!! Liberals are ONLY about appearances/symbolism through gutless hashtags and ribbons. When it's time to get their hands dirty, they're looking for the housekeeper. Why anyone holds these people up on such a high pedestal is beyond me.

I'm sure the kidnappers will check their Twitter account any day now, as soon as they hook up their goat to the electrical generator.

It's because they never originally cared. It was a popular talking point that they could build a little more cred upon - but it's just like anything else. Darfur, Rwanda, Haiti - they don't actually give a sh*t, they just want the positive PR for pretending to care.

We must assume they're all too busy to hashtag because they've gone to Africa to join the search teams. That, or they're glaring condescendingly at someone else who concerns them at the moment, like that damned useless saleswoman at the Gucci store who's too incompetent to get the shoe size right.

it's all about looking compassionate without actually doing anything to solve the problem. that's what this era will be known for...

Somebody should tell Rep Wilson that hashtags won't bring the girls back. US Military will, but hashtags won't.


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