Saturday, July 12, 2014

Never Again? Think Again!

For anyone who has convinced themselves that hate and anti-Semitism is a problem existing only in 'other' places, this banner was flown over a Brooklyn beach this afternoon!

And then of course there's the Middle East, Europe...

'New Yorkers enjoying the sunny weather in Brighton Beach and Coney Island on Saturday got a nasty airborne surprise — a plane towing a banner bearing a swastika-themed message.

The streamer said in symbols that a swastika plus peace equals love. Then it read, in all capital letters, “Proswastika.”

Councilman Mark Treyger (D-Brooklyn) said he received several complaints over the anti-Semitic aerial display.

“It’s a very chilling image, in light of the fact that southern Brooklyn has the largest remaining number of World War II and Holocaust survivors,” Treyger said. “There is no place for this in New York City.”

Speaking of the world, from Elder of Zion 'Turkish singer tweets "May God bless Hitler," yearns for Muslims to "bring the end of those Jews"



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