Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Never Again? 'Death to the Jews!' rings out in legal demonstration in The Hague

Soon the descriptive phrase 'Never Again' used all to often in the title of articles here, will lose all meaning and relevance as attacks on Jews becomes all the more commonplace and accepted!

This is particularly true in Europe where the memory of Hitler, Nazis and the Holocaust seems to be fading fast!

The most recent example noted at TPC came on July 24th when a sign was hung in the window of a Belgian cafe that loosely translated meant that dogs are allowed inside, Jew are not (Never Again? Dogs but not Jews allowed at Belgian cafe!)!

Now this story, by way of Pamela Geller at Atlas Shrugs, of an ISIS demonstration in The Hague sanctioned by the Dutch government where the chant of 'Death to the Jews' rang out across the square.

The dark clouds of hate and anti-Semitism are once again forming over Europe with the tacit, if not overt, approval of Barack Obama who has chosen the path of legitimizing Hamas while demonizing and marginalizing Israel.

'Islamic State Stages Victory Rally in Europe: The Flag of Jihad Flies Over the Hague'

Proving yet again what I have been saying for months, years — Europe once again is embracing madness and evil as its central unifying characteristic – only this time it’s under “Palestinianism,” not Nazism.

The Islamic State is holding rallies in Europe. No counter protest. No media outrage. No arrests. How is it even legal for an Islamic terrorist organization like the Islamic State to openly rally on the streets of a European city while good, decent men like Geert Wilders or Lars Hedegaard are brought up charges of racism and hate speech for opposing jihad?

Algemeiner: Jewish human rights group The Simon Wiesenthal Center on Friday called on Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte to rescind approval for a rally in support of ISIS in the Hague, after protesters, yelling in Arabic and Dutch, proclaimed that “dirty Jews from the sewers” should be killed.

In a fiery letter to Rutte, Dr. Shimon Samuels, SWC Director for International Relations, said similar calls of violence were reported at a rally on July 4, and show that rather than even expressing support for Hamas militants in Gaza, the true intention of the rallies have been to call for the death of Jews.

“Yesterday, the call in Arabic and Dutch was for ‘dirty Jews from the sewers to be killed,’” Samuels said. “This rally had little to do with Gaza solidarity. It was unambiguously targeted against Jews, but also according to the Dutch press sought to lynch journalists, who were pulled to safety by the police, otherwise serving as silent spectators.”

He said that what was “most disturbing” was that, while press reports and photos from the rally show the mass of masked demonstrators calling for violence, the official Public Prosecutor’s press release stated “there were only 40 to 50 people present,” that “the police were present with an Arabic speaking police officer” and “the slogans overheard by this officer were not considered as crossing boundaries. Hence no arrest was made.”

Samuels told the Dutch prime minister, “The YouTube clip clearly shows many more than 50 participants and the slogans at the end of the clip were repeated and quite evident, ‘Maut al-Yahud’ (Death to the Jews), ‘Khaybar, Khaybar’ (The genocide of the Jews of Khaybar) and ‘Those who do not jump are Jews’ (All the Muslims present jumped).”

“Our Center expects you to launch an immediate inquiry into the cover-up by this police officer who betrayed his duty to faithfully translate all slogans – most of which were menacing Jews,” Samuels said, urging the Netherlands “to follow the example of the United Kingdom in banning ISIS and to forbid any further demonstrations in Holland that call for the murder of Jews or any other ‘riff-raff’.”

Samuels’s letter noted that Adberazak Khoulani, Islamic Dutch Unity Party leader, is publicly endorsing ISIS in Iraq, proclaiming ‘Long live ISIS… and Insha’Allah on to Baghdad to fight the riff-raff there… sometimes violence is necessary?’”

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