Tuesday, July 29, 2014


A request for votes (not money) in my other profession!

Readers of The Political Commentator have come to know and hopefully appreciate the opinions that they find here!

That said, today I am looking for the assistance of my readers as I try to push my other daily endeavor, Hallmark Abstract Service, over-the-top as it vies to win the Best Title Agency crown in the 2014 New York Law Journal Reader Rankings!

Voting is simple and quick (under 3 minutes)!

Who Can Vote: Lawyers, paralegals or anyone working in the legal field anywhere in the United States!

How Do You Vote? It's Simple!

To Cast Your Vote:

Simply click on this link and fill out a few basic pieces of information: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/2014ReaderRankings.

Once done, scroll through the survey by clicking the Next button at the bottom of the page until you get to page 10,

Once at page 10, go to the Best Title Agency category and cast your vote for Hallmark Abstract Service,

Continue scrolling through until you reach Done!

Thank you for your help and let me know if you have any questions!



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