Thursday, June 12, 2014

January 28, 2011 TPC article predicting the current situation in Iraq!

This article from 2011 had questioned the intelligence of providing Iraq with F-16s due to the real potential for Iraq to fall apart after the US pulled-out!

Before reading the excerpt below I would like to take the opportunity to reiterate that Barack Obama is the worst US president of all time and has made the world a much more dangerous place due to his extreme levels of utter incompetence.

And, when I say incompetence, I am actually giving him the benefit of the doubt because it is very possible that his policy decisions have been made actually knowing the terrible outcomes that were likely.

And we thought releasing five Taliban commanders was the worst thing he had done to date concerning a national security issue? It is probably only somewhere in the Top 10!

Finally, why is it only those of us who are outside of the Obama administration could see and understand what was going to happen in Iraq or, did Obama know and do it anyway?

On January 28, 2011...

'Advanced weapons sales to Iraq: Is this really a good idea? These two stories tell me that it may not be!

As the U.S. stands by the commitment made by President Obama for total troop withdrawal from Iraq by the end of 2011, should we be providing advanced weaponry in the form of F-16s to a tenuous Iraqi government, with questionable ties and allegiances and a population containing a goodly number of our enemies sympathizers?

The situation in Iraq is not stable enough, and the players still far to unknown in terms of allegiances, to be providing advanced weapons systems that would put Iraq on the map in terms of its military capabilities, and that wood potentially alter the balance of power in the Middle East.

Does the potential exist for Iraq to decay and fall apart after U.S. troops are no longer present? If the answer is yes, maybe or even that is a definite possibility, then arms sales such as this should not be made, regardless of the politics surrounding them.

These two stories illustrate the problem. One speaks of the newly approved arms sale and the other of a terrorist bombing that killed 48 or more Iraqi people.'


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