Friday, June 20, 2014

HELP! I'm running out of Obama adjectives and phrases!

The Barack Obama List of Adjectives and Phrases!

After writing about Barack Obama's two campaigns and 6 years in office I have reached a point where coming up with new phrases and adjectives to describe his failed presidency has become very problematic.

Therefore, I am asking readers for help!

There is nothing worse (maybe a few things worse) when writing an article than the redundant use of descriptive adjectives and phrases!

But because Barack Obama and his minions have been so consistent in their incompetence, failures and scandals it has become difficult not to repeat words time and time again.

This is a partial list of 50 and, if anyone has additions, please leave them in the Comments section below (while of course maintaining a level of decorum).

Adjectives and phrases to describe Barack Obama and his administration!
  1. Dithering
  2. Indecisive
  3. Detached
  4. Failed presidency
  5. Foreign policy eunuch
  6. Megalomaniac
  7. Narcissist
  8. Delusional
  9. Divider
  10. Misplaced priorities
  11. Crazy like a fox
  12. Community organizer
  13. Fundraiser-in-Chief
  14. Vacationer-in-Chief
  15. Not qualified to be president
  16. I have to turn-off the sound when he is speaking
  17. I have to change the channel when he is speaking
  18. Race-baiter
  19. Scandalicious
  20. Hypocrite
  21. Carteresque
  22. Makes Carter look like a leader 
  23. Made Carter the 2nd worst president of all time
  24. Inept
  25. Blameless
  26. Incompetent
  27. Worst president in history
  28. Crazy like a fox
  29. Can't actually be this incompetent
  30. Complicit
  31. Scandal-ridden
  32. Unprepared
  33. Unqualified
  34. Wouldn't vote for him if he was running for dog catcher
  35. Unpatriotic
  36. It's Bush's fault
  37. Send in the clowns
  38. A national security team that arrives in a clown car
  39. Nefarious agenda
  40. Socialist
  41. The no-foreign policy President
  42. Putin's lackey
  43. Empty suit
  44. Rhetoric
  45. Teleprompter President
  46. Amateur-hour presidency
  47. Metrosexual president
  48. Creator of meaningless redlines 
  49. Buyers remorse
  50. Hillary would have been better


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