Saturday, May 10, 2014

The New York Times writes three stories about Obama failures!

Not purposely of course but reading the NYT's this morning shows how far this President has fallen and how deeply he has failed the nation!

When even the New York Times cannot avoid stories of the President's futility both at home and abroad, and on the front page to boot, you know just how bad a job he is actually doing!

  1. Putin visits Crimea to rub the lack of control that the U.S. has over anything that the Russian President chooses to do in our faces and to point out clearly just how little global influence Barack Obama actually has! Read the story here.
  2. China moves an oil rig into waters in the South China Sea that is claimed by both it and Vietnam despite the objection of the United States and to the dismay of the Philippines who depends on the U.S. for security. Read the story here.
  3. After spending trillions that the country doesn't have, the economy is no better now than it was before as this story from California clearly shows. Read the article here.
We are open to any comments that concern anything Obama has actually accomplished or any additional failures he has presided over!


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