Thursday, May 29, 2014

If Barack Obama believes his own lies, is he telling the truth? (Video)

In other words is Barack Obama pathological, delusional and/or so megalomaniacal that he still believes that anyone else still (or ever) believes one word that comes out of his mouth?

Case in point was at yesterday's graduation ceremony at West Point where for starters he was greeted by tepid at best applause from those who will serve under him and, to finish, spoke of his vision for America.

The problem? His spoken vision of America is the antithesis of what he has done, not done, sought to do or sought not do since he has been in office.

And, because that is possibly a confusing statement, what I mean is that regardless of the words that come out of his mouth all that this President has tried to do is make the United States weaker, less respected and a bit-player superpower on the world stage.

In other words nothing good and despite his words to the contrary exactly the way that he has conducted business.

As I tell my children you can say that it's so, but that doesn't make it so!


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