Friday, March 14, 2014

The mythical 'Lost World of Liberalism' has been found!

Inhabitants of the 'Lost World of Liberalism'
The location of the great progressive utopia, long hidden from the prying eyes of the rest of society, has been discovered and The Political Commentator will reveal it to the world now!

It's a place where socialized medicine and Obamacare works just fine for everyone, where 100% of the people are on government assistance, where Keynesian economics actually saves the economy, where hypocrisy by the elites goes unnoticed and where empty rhetoric and phony redlines keep the world safe from rogue leaders and terrorist regimes.

This Lost World is the happy place that one tries to go to when they click their heels together three times saying 'there's no place like liberal utopia', 'there's no place like liberal utopia', 'there's no place like liberal utopia'!

And here it is:

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H/T Boudica
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