Sunday, March 2, 2014

Putin on the attack, Obama on his way to Connecticut!

Don’t look now but  the very short fuse in Eastern Europe is getting perilously close to ignition. 

Also don’t look now but our Commander-in-Chief, after issuing his typical useless rhetoric regarding the Russian invasion of Ukraine, is on his way to Connecticut to talk about the minimum age.

WASHINGTON – On Wednesday, March 5, the President will travel to Connecticut and deliver remarks at Central Connecticut State University on minimum wage. The President will be joined by Governor Malloy of Connecticut, Governor Patrick of Massachusetts, Governor Chafee of Rhode Island, and Governor Shumlin of Vermont to discuss the importance of raising the minimum wage and giving hardworking Americans the raise they deserve.

Perhaps someone should let the President know that his true and only mandates as POTUS are to uphold the Constitution and national security.

He is of course failing miserably at both!

For anyone out there who voted for Obama once or even twice you are now reaping what you sowed while dragging the other Americans who knew better and the rest of the world down with you!


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