Monday, March 3, 2014

A Russia/Putin/Obama/Cold War walk down memory lane!

Why is it that Barack Obama and his national security team were the only ones blind to the reality of Vladimir Putin's Russia?

Here are just three articles regarding the Obama/Putin relationship that show how our Commander-in-Chief was in way over his head from the very beginning of his 'reign'!

'Comrade Russia is screwing the U.S. yet again!' - November 26, 2011 - 

'...In terms of Russia, the article "Eastern Europe Missile Defense: Da Comrades, Izvi'Neete" is a perfect example of the impossibility for two parties to negotiate in good faith when only one side is actually doing engaged in the process.

Yet the United States continues merrily on this course, not due in any small part to the fact that this is the bed that we have made for ourselves both economically and politically.

Russia and China can smell the Obama administration weakness and fear in making any difficult US national security policy decisions or moves.

These two countries (along with the rest of the world) can simply observe the fact that the only action out of this President has been empty rhetoric, designed in no small part to look and sound tough and leader-like while avoiding any substantive action that could alienate his base and jeopardize his political ambitions...'

'Is the Russian bear stirring once more? Was it ever really in hibernation?' - February 14, 2012 - 

'Fast-forward out of Iran and into Syria where rumor has it that Russia, along with its regional proxy Iran, have no real interest in forcing Bashar al-Assad from office. Hence the calls for a diplomatic solution to a problem that, like the one we currently face in Iran, doesn't have one.

In light of this development, or maybe because of it, I present the following article from the Geopolitical Monitor that speaks to the awakening of the Russian bear and the precipice that Russian "democracy" finds itself on!'

'Is the Cold War being reheated by the Russians?' - July 29, 2012 -

'Thanks to all of the factors comprising what passes for Obama administration foreign policy and national security policy, Russia may be planning another move into Cuba and elsewhere! 

And if in fact this were to occur, it will be because Barack Obama is perceived to be (and in reality actually is) a weak and indecisive leader happy to have the United Nations fight the battles that concern American security instead of the America fighting the battles herself.' 


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