Monday, January 6, 2014

Dikembe Mutombo 1, Dennis Rodman 0, North Korea?

North Korean food for thought!

Dennis Rodman and six other former NBA players are traveling to North Korea to play an exhibition against the North Korean Senior National Team in celebration of Kim Jong Un's birthday!

While no one is ever sure what Dennis Rodman is thinking, what the hell are the other six thinking and where is the outrage over this trip from the White House?

Warning: After the recent execution of Kim's uncle by him being thrown into a cage with wild dogs, if I were this team of Americans I would be very careful about what it was I ate!

The 'Dream Team'?

* Kenny Anderson
* Vin Baker
* Cliff Robinson
* Doug Christie
* Charles D. Smith
* Craig Hodges

Maybe these guys could learn something from Dikembe Mutombo above!


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