Friday, December 6, 2013

There's no accounting for taste!

What is it that makes one article more popular than another and then again does that even matter?

As a political blogger I write about topics that get my juices flowing and my adrenalin pumping because that is what drives me to blog in the first place.

It's the same feeling in the pit of my stomach that drove me to write and mail letters to the editor of my local newspapers when I was young.

And, with the current Democrat Party and the administration in the White House, there are certainly no shortages of issues to write about.

In fact there is sometimes so much adrenaline and anger that I need a beta blocker to tamp it down.

I do however periodically wonder why it is that some articles get 1000 reads while another may get 10,000 when in my mind I would have thought the performance would have been reversed.

That being said these were some of the articles at The Political Commentator this week that were underperformers in my mind so I am throwing them back out there again for a second look to see what happens.


If you're a prostitute, promote Obamacare to your johns! (Video)

Video: See who New York Senator Chuck Schumer is sleeping with!

What is an Ineptocracy?

Obamacare HHS Propaganda Video Contest Winner!


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