Monday, December 16, 2013

The Ghost of Obamacare Yet to Come: UK healthcare in shambles!

No movie is watched more around Christmas than the timeless classic 'It's a Wonderful Life' so therefore nothing is more appropriate than taking a look at the Ghost of Obamacare Yet to Come!

But because ghosts aren't real or at the very least not very dependable let's instead look at the Obamacare of the future through the prism of a program that is already up and not running very well.

It's the socialized ghost of the present in the UK that goes by the name National Health Service and, according to this article from the Daily Mail, it is the failure that one would expect any government-run program to have.

So take a good look you members of the compliant press, political lemmings on the left and of course all of you Obamabots who believed hook, line and sinker that this President, or any President for that matter, could do what the private sector can do even 1/8 as well.

Take a good look at the failed website which is only an outward look at the failure of what is yet to come from Obamacare.

Because my friends, if the United States government with all of its cerebral resources and an unlimited supply of our money can't build a website over the course of three years, how will they do when it actually comes to brain surgery?

If you are still unsure of the answer to that question then read the horror stories of the lost coverage for individuals and families around the country, the abrupt end to treatment for cancer patients and other seriously ill people and the lies told to the American people about Obamacare insurance and doctor retention that likely are only the tip to the iceberg of lies!

The Future Of Obamacare!

For all of you Democrats and paid-for medical experts out there who trumpeted the virtues of something for nothing healthcare knowing full well that there is no such thing as a free lunch, take a good look at the likely future of medicine in the United States.

Read'em and weep because for all of us 'folks on Main Street' and in the middle class that this president claims to be in office to protect, you have destroyed something that may not have been working perfectly, but that will now work up to the typical standards of government.

Which is to say very, very badly.

Only this time you have screwed with one of the only things that we all only have one of with no potential to get any more.

Our lives!

National Health SHAMBLES: Three damning reports describe mothers abandoned during labour, serious hospital blunders every day and how patients have lost faith in their GPs

  • Public confidence in the NHS at record low following run of inquiries 
  • A quarter of new mothers say they were abandoned by their midwives 
  • Some NHS consulting rooms were found to be infested with maggots 
  • Police probe into cover-up claims on cancer treatment waiting times
  • Blunder doctors carried out heart surgery on the wrong patient 
  • Another man had laser surgery on his right eye rather than his left

Read the rest of the article at the Daily Mail here.



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