Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Super Bowl ads: Why was one of these banned? (Videos)

Go Daddy versus Daniel Defense!

If you've ever watched the sex, violence, death and destruction in some commercials and wondered how they were allowed on TV, the simple answer is that their developers money speaks louder than government or corporate censorship!

The Go Daddy ad below that aired during in last years Super Bowl was sexually suggestive and disturbing at the same time and was allowed to air just the same.

In fact those attributes are the reason why it was so popular.

On-the-other-hand this years banned ad from Daniel Defense is all about the safety and sanctity of family and yet it will not be allowed to air.

Watch and try to figure out why one passes muster while the other gets the ax!

Go Daddy, Super Bowl 2013

Daniel Defense, Banned from Super Bowl 2014



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