Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sunday Brunch: The Grass-Whopper

Would you eat bugs for breakfast? In New York City a new hamburger made from dead crickets is all the rage at a Soho restaurant!

The burger at Antojeria La Popular goes by the name Grass-Whopper and they are selling a lot of them:

'The crickets, which are sourced dead and somewhat dried from a distributor of Mexican food, get fried up in a skillet and topped with soft, white Chihuahua cheese. That helps bind the insects into a patty. Initially, they tried using beans for this purpose, but those tended to “overwhelm the smoky flavor [of the crickets],” Galvanduque says.

The patty is then topped with lettuce, tomato and onion, in a nod to traditional American burgers. A squirt of chipotle mayonnaise finishes it off.' (Source)

It seems that for at least one food critic, however, the burger is more form than substance because as he says the...

'cricket burger predictably tastes mainly of the cheese/mayo blur that passes for “Mexican” in a million New York joints. The warm-fried-insect element has nil flavor but tons of texture — a crackle that’s pleasant, except when a sharp-edged fragment lodges in your throat.' (Source)

I'll just stick with my cheeseburger where the only crunchy sound I want to hear comes from my well done fries!


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