Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Obama-Putin Pictorial Comparison Part Two

Previously at TPC we had shown a pictorial comparison between the leadership styles of Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin!

For the citizens of the United States it was a sad comparison as it showed our Commander-in-Chief as a bower to foreign leaders and not particularly manly when compared to the leader of Russia.

Well, just one day later, Barack Obama visited South Africa to attend the memorial service remembering Nelson Mandela and darn it if he didn't embarrass the country all over again.

These photos will once again demonstrate a few sad facts about the U.S. President.

First Michelle looks like she will kick the President's ass back at the hotel for flirting, something that Putin most likely does not have to worry about with his wife (Updated: That's because Putin is apparently divorced (see comments below). But if he wasn't...).

Next, after flying at taxpayer expense to the memorial service, the President took advantage of the solemn occasion to take selfies of himself along with another dignitary.

And, last and least surprising particularly if you use this link to view the pictures in the previous article, Barack Obama is shaking hands with the Cuban dictator Raul Castro and in my mind seems very much to be bowing!

There just seems to be no end to what the American people are forced to endure from this administration!


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