Tuesday, December 31, 2013

I am Jewish! I hate Pajama Boy!

Boom! I have, in two short sentences, proved false the liberal argument that conservatives hate Pajama Boy because Pajama Boy is Jewish!

There are so many reasons to dislike Obamacare and the Pajama Boy propaganda ads, including the cost to taxpayers promoting it, but religion isn't one of them!

'Libs have a new “dog whistle” to accuse conservatives of being bigots.

Think the Pajama Boy’s a joke? You must not like Jews.

Boy, of course, is the man-child figure introduced to the nation in a pre-Christmas tweet by the Obama minions at Organizing for America. He’s a perfect figurehead of the Obama era, a smirking, effeminate annoyance that we’re all more or less stuck with the foreseeable future. (So far, however, Pajama Boy, at least hasn’t up at an internationally watched funeral, nor does he control the nuclear arsenal.)'

Read the rest of the article at BizPac Review here.


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