Friday, December 27, 2013

Egypt knows what Obama still can't figure out!

That the Muslim Brotherhood is a terrorist organization!

'Egypt’s military-backed interim government declared the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization Wednesday, intensifying its campaign of arrests and prosecutions targeting its members and tightening the noose on the group’s network of charities and businesses.

The unprecedented executive decision likely ends any chance of reconciliation between the government and the 85-year-old Brotherhood, still Egypt’s most organized political group. It marks a stunning reversal of fortunes for the long-outlawed organization that saw member Mohammed Morsi reach Egypt’s highest office in the country’s first democratic election, only to be ousted in a popularly backed military coup in July. And it takes a step that not even autocrat Hosni Mubarak took in his nearly 30-year rule...' (Source)

Among other things and for the time being leaving incompetence out of the equation, this reality in Egypt once again begs the question of exactly what Barack Obama's endgame in the Middle East and with Iran and Israel in particular actually is?

Iran, potentially already a member of the nuclear club and if not is only weeks or months away, has become the new diplomatic partner of a President who obviously chooses to ignore the fact that terrorists cannot be negotiated with.

For an ignorant American electorate that prefers ignorance over facts, the anecdotal evidence about Barack Obama's feelings for Jews and Israel in particular was of course hiding in plain sight prior to the first presidential election.

And, as a result, this relative unknown was vaulted into the White House becoming the titular leader of the free world while possessing very little in the way of a resume that would qualify anyone to be President of the United States.

The Jews in particular also chose to ignore some of the other evidence in front of their faces although to be fair the mainstream media also chose not to report any of it!

I speak of course of the President's obvious affinity for the sermonizing of one Reverend Jeremiah Wright, a man who had in the past bestowed an honor and accolades on Louis Farrakhan, a known Jew hater.

Given that, however, Barack Obama is nothing if not consistent!

As has been his documented modus operandi during his scandalous tenure in the White House, Obama apparently was absent from the pews during the specific Sunday's when the good Reverend spewed his most vitriolic diatribes and therefore apparently knew nothing of the man's true feelings about the many pieces of American society that his spiritual leader had issues with!

The Muslim Brotherhood, Arab Spring, terrorist organizations, Jews and Israel!

Getting back to the topic at hand the Egyptian government, spurred on by the Egyptian people, has rightly and finally termed the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization and banned it!

The bigger question though is why Barack Obama, his national security team and the mainstream media have been unable or unwilling to see that this was the case.

Why is it that national security neophytes like myself and others were able to see the obvious writing on the wall during the so-called Arab Spring but the men and women tasked with protecting the United States up to and including the Commander-in-Chief were absolutely clueless?

And the media-types, whose job it ostensibly is to get to the truth not simply puke out whatever story the political lackey's on the Left want them to tell, chose to be clueless as well.

On Barack Obama (TPC, July 2, 2011):

'President Obama reaches out to embrace the Muslim Brotherhood!

For those of you still operating under the assumption that the Obama administration's handling of the Middle East "Arab Spring" has in some way been for the purpose of driving the ideals of democracy to countries unfamiliar with it, think again.

It has always been curious to me that those governments and leaders somewhat friendly to Israel and the United States (i.e. Egypt) have been strongly encouraged by the Obama administration to step-down in order to let "democracy" take its course.

This, while those governments hostile to the U.S. and Israel have faced more of a hands off policy out of Washington (i.e. Syria), even as they slaughter their own people.

Further, the Obama administration has publicly offered the opinion that the Muslim Brotherhood, poised to assume considerable power in Egypt, is a secular and not terrorist organization. Nothing could be further from the truth of course.

Is this just part of some master plan from this President?

Or is it just an inexperience and naivete that could have dire consequences for the region and the world...'

On James Clapper:

Who can forget the analysis by then National Security Director James Clapper when he described the Muslim Brotherhood as a 'secular' organization?

True to the consistent form of the Obama administration, his incompetence at the time led not to being fired, but to his current position as Director of National Intelligence in which he may be face charges of perjury for lying to Congress over the NSA data collection.

And, true to the form of the American people, the President's national security incompetence (forgetting about any domestic policy incompetence) led to a 2nd-term in the White House!

On the other side of the coin those of us who had the simplest and most basic powers of visual and auditory observation were able to assume what the eventual outcome of this so-called push for Middle East democracy was going to be.

On the Arab Spring and the fate of Middle East Christians:

'Unfortunately most everyone, save the White House and the rest of the cheerleaders on the Left, knew that a move towards democracy and freedom was likely never going to happen, and that the so-called "Arab Spring" was actually going to result in a move towards Sharia Law...

...... In Egypt, where Christians make up about 10 percent of the population, Coptic Christians have been subjected to a series of attacks. On New Year’s Day, 21 Coptics were killed leaving Saints Church in Alexandria, and dozens more killed in clashes that followed, all leading up to the Oct. 9 demonstration killed at least 24 Christians, many run over by military vehicles, and injured hundreds more...' (TPC, October 26, 2011)


With all of this being the case, how can we rely on the Obama administration to take care of any other national security issue that comes up in the future?

The simple answer is that we can't as was evidenced by Barack Obama's non-redline redline in Syria and current willingness to give Iran more time to negotiate over nuclear weapons development!

It brings to mind a saying that the Obamabots and 50+% of the American voters should have paid more attention to not once, but twice, which is that elections have consequences and the United States is now paying the price for having to damn many low-IQ voters and other voters who simply wanted to continue the status quo of free stuff!

Remember this in the 2014 and 2016 elections!


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