Sunday, December 22, 2013

Bubble Games: Monopoly The .com Edition!

For those of us who remember the boom and bust of Internet stocks around the turn of the century this game of Monopoly, 'The .com Edition' is a familiar blast from the past!

At the time many companies had little in the way of tangible products, even less in the way of profits, and stock prices that rose to stratospheric heights.

The strength was based in large part to the irrational metrics being applied by Wall Street cheerleaders in the guise of analysts that made any rational thinker (or traditional analyst) scratch their heads and ponder how any of it was possible, let alone justifiable!

Low and behold it wasn't as the tech crash painfully showed, making one wonder if the lofty heights of today's stock market based largely on the elixir being provided by the Fed's QE largess is sustainable!

We will certainly learn the answer to that question at some point in time, but for now enjoy the nostalgic game of Monopoly, The .com Edition!

'Relive the first tech bubble with Monopoly: The .com Edition'

'In November 2000, Hasbro released Monopoly: The .com Edition. The board game came just in time for Christmas—and the dot-com bubble bursting. By the end of that year, the Nasdaq had lost more than half its peak value.

Not to jinx the current boom in Silicon Valley, but now seemed like a good time to revisit this special edition of Monopoly. “Are you ready to log on and hyperlink your way to overnight fame and fortune in the exciting world of e-commerce?” asked the instruction booklet (pdf), which detailed all the ways in which The .Com Edition differed from the original. For example…'

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