Saturday, December 14, 2013

Bill passed banning investigative journalism!

Is this bill the end to democracy?

These are some of the stipulations of a bill that was passed on December 6th to little fanfare in the U.S.:

Here are four disturbing ways the bill could be a democracy muzzler. It defines terrorism as imposing one’s opinions on others [...] According to Article 12, terrorism is partially defined as an activity that forces “political and other principles or opinions on the state or other people.” In other words, throw up a rowdy anti-government protest, and the judiciary can find a reason to lock you away. It criminalizes investigative journalism [...] Journalists can be prosecuted for “improperly accessing” classified documents or “conspiring” to leak them. Even asking an official to take a look at classified documents could constitute “conspiracy,” leading to up to five years in prison. “Instigating” the release of government secrets, meanwhile, carries up to 10 years in the dock. [...] Basically, anything can be a secret [...] administrators can make the opaque decisions to classify a document even if their work hardly relates to national security. That effectively allows them to hide any embarrassing piece of evidence, and then pursue the journalists and bloggers who make it public. [...] (Source)

This is a description of a bill that was passed, not in the U.S. but in Japan on December 6th.

Ostensibly its purpose is to prevent dissemination of news regarding the size and actual scope of the aftermath of the Fukushima nuclear disaster that threatens the west coast of the United States and the entire world.

For those who read the title of the article and thought that this was new legislation in the United States, however, therein lies the problem.

A problem because it would be completely within the realm of belief to think that at any time Congressional Democrats along with the White House could attempt to do the same to supress the myriad scandals and cover-up that have already taken place and that will take place in the future.

And that is why the 2014 mid-term elections are so important and why the Republican Party need to find a way to unite so that the Senate does not remain in Democratic Party hands!

Has the Republican Party lost its way? You bet your ass it has!


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