Tuesday, December 17, 2013

15 steps to avoid becoming a crime victim this holiday season!

As the economy continues to flounder and the economic desperation of people continues to rise, so to does the danger at home and on the street from random and potentially violent crime!

This fact was made crystal clear by the shooting and killing of a man in New Jersey who resisted carjackers in the parking lot of a mall!

Common sense keys to staying safe of course include vigilance and situational awareness.

In other words, do not be a deer in the headlights who becomes easy prey for the bad guys!

And while many of the items on this list are common sense as well, a reminder can never hurt.

From The Survival Place Blog 15 tips for staying safe while out shopping this holiday season.

15 Common-Sense Personal Safety Tips!
1. Eliminate any signs that you are gone. Make your house look like you are home. Leave some lights on. Leave the TV or radio on.
2. Don’t tweet or facebook your social status that you are out shopping.
3. Maintain situational awareness of what is happening around you.
4. Don’t daydream while you’re walking around.
5. Keep your head up and look around you. Look confident.
6. Avoid walking around with your head down in your smart phone while texting.
7. Shoppers should always keep one hand free. When you are carrying a lot of bags or packages in both hands, you are more vulnerable.
8. When you are out shopping, go with someone else. Shop in pairs. Thieves are less likely to strike when there are a lot of people around.
9. Ladies, avoid carrying a purse. Instead, just carry your ID and payment in your pocket. You might consolidate those things (including additional necessities) into a smaller wallet which could drop into your pocket while shopping. You could keep your purse in the trunk of the car if you must bring it with you.
10. Carry pepper spray (where legal). Particularly when going to and from a parking lot, carry it in your hand while walking towards your vehicle. It is convenient to attach to your key-ring.
11. Have your car keys out and ready BEFORE you get to your car.
12. If you are licensed to carry a firearm, do so. It is your ultimate protection. If you are not, then you might consider looking into it.
13. If you are carrying a lot of packages back to your car, look around you. See if anyone is watching you loading packages into your car.
14. Put purchases in the trunk, out of sight. Not in your back seat.
15. Shoppers who are out late should park in well-lit areas.


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