Saturday, November 16, 2013

You my friend are substandard!

The government has unilaterally and arbitrarily decided that you can no longer buy, maintain or do any of the following! 

This decision is based on the governments determination that these things are either of substandard quality, have known health effects or simply because they want to!

And all because in a nanny state the government claims to know what is right and good for you better than you do!

Government mandates banning the following to be implemented by the Obama administration?
  • Buying pork rinds because of the products offensiveness to Orthodox Jews and Muslims,
  • Buying cigarettes due to the fact that each use has been medically proven to absolutely contribute to the premature death of the user (Actually the government will never ban these known carcinogens for purely economic reasons. How is hypocrisy spelled again?),
  • Buying or using artificial sweeteners that carry a cancer causing warning label (Once again will never be banned),
  • Eating Spam because the name is offensive for some (See pork rinds ban),
  • Buying a Chevy Volt because its use can be hazardous to the health (Of course this vehicle will never be banned due to the billions of taxpayer dollars that went into this fiasco of a product and the strength of the environmental far-left fringe of the Democratic Party),
  • Drinking large sugary soft drinks due to the national scourge of obesity (The nanny state cherry picking one loser while doing nothing about the big bag of potato chips being washed down by the soft drinks),
  • Banning from school children with averages below 80 (The Obama administration will somehow figure out a way to mandate that all children's grades be above a certain academic level. Wait a second! That's Common Core isn't it?),
  • Banning the elderly and the infirm due to the high costs imposed on government programs (Definition of elderly and infirm has yet to be determined but if Obamacare is ever actually implemented the embedded Death Panels will take care of this one),
  • Mandate that all Americans sleep a minimum of 8 hours a night due to the beneficial health effect (Embedded chips in all citizens monitored by the NSA will achieve this goal),
  • Banning the bringing of frivolous lawsuits that have no chance of success and that force the other side of the suit to engage an attorney in order to battle it (Of course this will never happen due to the strength of the legal lobby)!
  • Actually, at the end of the day, the true definition of substandard is GOVERNMENT due to its history of overreaching (i.e. see ramming Obamacare through), decisions that it makes that are purely for political expediency (i.e. see ramming Obamacare through), too many examples of gross incompetence to count (i.e. see Obamacare website), corruption that is seldom punished (i.e. see Charlie Rangel) and because those who serve in office typically having no clue what real life is actually all about (i.e. see Barack Obama)!
So now it seems that Barack Obama has determined that the health care you have carried in the past is substandard and too expensive so you therefore you can no longer have it!

Who the hell is this administration, possibly the most bungling, inefficient and corrupt that we have ever seen, to tell us what is or is not right for us?

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