Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Sweetheart deal for health insurers! (Video)

What's better than a business where you take on increased exposure yet have little in the way of a downside from losses that come from taking those increased risks?

If it sounds like I'm talking about Wall Street traders who loaded up the wagon with risky bets because their bonuses were based on profits yet they faced no personal liability for losses, you would be correct.

However in this case I speak of the health insurers who stand to benefit from another one of the buried provisions in the Affordable Care Act that no Democrat bothered to read before ramming it through Congress.

Where will all of the deceit and lies end? Who actually knows as every day another one surfaces that is often worse and more unbelievable than the one from the day before.

Obamacare goodies for the health insurers!
“Marco Rubio has been out highlighting the fact that there is this ‘risk corridor’ where written into this law that nobody read is this idea that is insurance companies have 3% higher costs than they estimated as a result of who’s in these pools, they can recoup 50% of that money from the government, from you and me. 8% higher than what they estimated, they can recoup 80%! …This bailout of the insurance companies is the next big thing we’ll all be talking about.”

H/T The Daley Gator

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