Thursday, November 28, 2013

Obama Obamacare talking points for Thanksgiving dinner!

This will come as a surprise to no one! The Obama administration provides talking points for the Thanksgiving dinner table to refute your family telling you Obamacare sucks!


Forget getting the cranberries ready, the pie cooked, the stuffing made or the turkey roasted, an email from Erin Hannigan at told readers today that it’s most important to prepare to fight with your family and friends over Obamacare.
“No matter what Uncle Doug has to say tomorrow, make sure you’re armed with the facts,” she warns, with a link to a BuzzFeed community site that is headlined “5 Handy Responses To Misinformed Arguments About Obamacare.”

“If you’re like me, you’re getting mentally prepared to be put on the spot by one of your loved ones – especially when it comes to health care reform,” Hannigan wrote. “Here are some helpful, last-minute pointers we put together to make sure you’re ready for whatever’s headed your way tomorrow.”

She advised, “You should save it, bookmark it, print it out, or just read it right now.”

Family and friends, the email explains, should be told directly how they’re wrong.

For example: “If they say: The Affordable Care Act is increasing health care costs. Tell Them: Actually, the majority of Americans will pay lower premiums, and many will qualify for subsidies.”

But a fact check reveals the system and the website have failed so badly, it’s hard to guess how many people will pay higher premiums, lower premiums or the same.

She continued: “If they say: No one wants Obamacare. Tell them: Demand has been huge. More than five hundred thousand people have already signed up, including Speaker John Boehner.”

However, that answer leaves out the fact that while 500,000 – which is far below worst-case projections – may have signed up, more than 5 million others have had their insurance coverage canceled by Obamacare.
“If they say: Obamacare is unconstitutional, especially the individual mandate part. Tell them: Obamacare – including the individual mandate (which was originally a Republican proposal) – was ruled to be constitutional by the United States Supreme Court.”

The argument leaves out that the Supreme Court agreed just this week to review a key component of Obamacare again for its constitutionality. And there are several other challenges in the offing, including one that points out that since the Supreme Court ruled Obamacare a tax, and it was written in the Senate, the entire bundle is unconstitutional because tax measures can only originate in the House.

“If they say: We can’t afford Obamacare and it hurts small businesses. Tell them: Studies show the opposite. Obamacare could actually spur small business growth and entrepreneurship. Also, growth in health care costs is slowing.”

The answer again doesn’t address the tens of thousand of Americans whose jobs are being turned from full time into part time because of the onerous requirements of Obamacare. Also, the Obama administration announced Wednesday that it would delay online enrollment for small businesses by one full year.

“If they say: Obamacare isn’t working. Tell them: Obamacare is already preventing children from being denied coverage due to a pre-existing condition. It’s helping young people get covered. It has allowed this woman to keep her doctor. Obamacare will only continue to help.

“Pass the stuffing. Bam!”

Hannigan added: “We all know how frustrating it is to sit back and listen to the talking heads spout off with the latest myths about this law, which is already helping millions of people get better, more affordable coverage.”


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