Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Obama Doublespeak: The Cartoon

Like Bill Clinton who once famously said 'It all depends on what your definition of is is', Barack Obama's words also often need to be parsed carefully in order to gauge his true meaning!

And even then it sure isn't easy!

Obamacare is the perfect example where for 26+ speeches there was apparently a missing 'if'  after the 'you can keep' but before the 'period'.

If only those two letters had been present everything would have been crystal clear for the millions who are currently having their health insurance canceled.

To be fair to the President certainly nobody is perfect and, when you are speaking without notes as he does, mistakes can happen.

It would be something else altogether if he read the speech beforehand and repeated it verbatim off of a teleprompter. Oops1

Then there was his subsequent statement which to paraphrase went something like 'I'm sorry I wasn't clearer about you losing your health insurance but we will do everything in our power to fix it'.

That sounded vaguely familiar to his statements about the Benghazi, IRS and NSA scandals where the President vowed to get to the bottom of things and hold people accountable but never quite seemed to get around to it.

Will it be more of the same with Obamacare? Sadly, you bet your ass it will!

In any event I found this cartoon today that examines a few examples of what Barack Obama has said with the actual translation provided by Orson Wells.

H/T Daily P.AU.L

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