Monday, November 18, 2013

Liberal (In)Tolerance Exposed!

TPC posted this cartoon in an article yesterday that documents some of Barack Obama's 'accomplishments' from his first five years in office!

There is nothing presented there that is not true but the vitriolic response from the Left was swift and sadly predictable.

This included the calls to silence critics of Barack Obama and of course the redirection to George W. Bush.

I present some of those responses here but it is important to understand that the liberal side to every argument tends to be an attempt to try and vilify the critics.

This is because their goal is the same as the Obama administrations goal which is to march the United States towards the implementation of their vision of the transformation of America!

Liberal responses to an article that simply presents the truth!

Ryan M. Tillotson

The #hatemonger  Conservative Blogosphere (in this case one +Michael Haltman  ) needs to be shutdown.  This kind of talk is tantamount to sedition.  anti-Obamaism for profit and greedy is not a game, it is a moral crime against #america .

The author posts a #flamebait  link to his Blog, then allows his foot soldiers to spew racist hatred, homophobia, and FUD about #Obamacare  and does nothing to quell the flames.

see this PDF copy of the thread taken this evening, hosted at

#stopinternethatespeech #sedition  

Ryan M. Tillotson

#Dems   #Progressives  and #Liberals  please join me in registering your disgust, then muting and boycotting these and other anti-obama anti-ACA hate threads.  Please register your disgust on the original thread, let+Michael Haltman know what you think, and *speak out against #racism #classism #antiobamaism  and rampant disinformation against #Obamacare .

thank you!
+Tina Vigilante +Maggie Beegan-Royston
+Krystine Ivy


Tina Vigilante

+Mike Kluetzman The country is still recovering from GW Bush's the war criminals mess. President Obama has not created any problems. He saved the auto industry and shunk our deficit in half. He has created more jobs than GW BUSH the war criminal created in 8 years. He's done plenty of good for this county and wants to do much more if the Rethuglicans would get out of the way and stop obstructing everything this president is for. This Rethuglican congress has done nothing for the American people. They are a bunch of Kochsuckers beholden to their corporate masters._

Steve Everett

Oh I guess I found another right wing lunatic to block

Ryan M. Tillotson

+Michael Haltman I didn't say that your post was racist did I?  I  was referring to the egregious, disgusting, hateful racism displayed by your likeminded on that post, spewing out racially-based and homophobic slurs.  You need to admit that your side has a cancer of hatred growing in it, metatisizing, and destroying it from the inside out.  Since you are unwilling to curtail hatespeech on your own thread, you are by extension a hater yourself.  Stick that in your pipe.

Steven Wall

Bullshit post. Why don't you do the same with the mass murderer, GW Bush and the true President during that administration, Dick Cheney?
This post is nonsense.

Tim Lunsford

Social Media Conservatives. You can depend on them for: Poorly thought-out, unresearched, unartistic, unoriginal memes. Amateurish, garbage post from a garbage mind. Go back to something you ecxel at like making the worst magic-marker protest signs on the planet.

Tim Lunsford

+Paul Jacobs Is there a point in there somewhere?  I see that "your" 4 most recent posts are racist.  So, I'm guessing "you're" a racist?

Ryan M. Tillotson

More bitching from overfed white men.  That's not gonna get you into heaven, boys.  Jesus said only the meek will inherit the earth, and we're getting #Obamacare so shove it.

Tina Vigilante

+Michael Haltman There are NO scandals! Just made up Fixed News propaganda bullshit! Repeat ing the bullshit will not make it true. How frigging pathetic you conservatives are.

Tina Vigilante

+Richard McMakin Wrong. Many more people were killed in attacks on embassies on G.W. Bush's the war criminals watch. Did you bitch about that too???? Also, why don't you ask your Rethuglican friends why they cut funding for embassy security? Stop watching news for dumb Fux, they are dumbing you down.

Yian G

+Tod Anderson stay in denial_! I don't agree with everything Obama has done but he has gotten a raw deal from conservatives. They never wanted to work with him and rather let the country go down the tubes than to pass anything he wants so when the country does takes a shit he and the Dems look bad so they can try and win the presidency again. If you can't see it your blind in one eye and can't see out of the other! Conservatives are unpatriotic and only care about party lines!

Paul Nahas

AND he was sleeping at the wheel when 9/11 happened, and he lied to us about WMDs, started a phoney war to enrich his friends that killed 5000 US soldiers and injured 1/2 a million. And he created a recession that bankrupted America.

Oh wait, that was the Republican genius, GWB.... never mind.

And so on, and so on, and so on...

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