Monday, November 11, 2013

Iran: Note to U.S. Jews!

Barack Obama and his national security team!

And to the rest of world when it comes to US foreign policy, Iran, Iran's nuclear program and the infatuation, although fading, with Barack Obama as leader of the free world!

John Kerry on negotiations with Iran: 'We are not blind, and I don't think we're stupid'

Oh yes you are! Unfortunately Mr. Secretary of State you and the rest of the administration are not only those two things but naive and incredibly inexperienced as well. 

Or just maybe you are all just crazy like a fox with your desired endgame having been an attack on Israel all along. 

Unfortunately it is extremely difficult for this US citizen who also happens to be Jewish to tell for sure!

Useless talks continue with Iran that will only accomplish giving the rogue nation more time to develop a nuclear weapons capability!

This while the U.S. continues to do more than it has already done through benign neglect to provide that country with an unfettered path, the phrase 'you had been warned' comes clearly to mind!

You had been warned that Barack Obama was in way over his head when it came to foreign policy and national security!

More than that, however, you had been warned about the actual level of President Obama's concern over Israel's well being and safety.

To be sure he has provided relatively straightforward rhetoric over his friendship with and allegiance to our one true Middle East ally Israel.

But, for those of you who still incessantly believed that Obama's rhetoric carried any weight, the lies over Obamacare have hopefully set you straight on that count.

Consider the following sample excerpts from articles at TPC over the past five or so years that have provided a few of my thoughts on Barack Obama and his Middle East stance that's followed by an article from Isi Leibler that will hopefully tie it all together.

Jews, Obama and the question, why? (October 2010) - '...what is it exactly that keeps the Jews supporting him (Obama) now? Could it be that once a Democrat always a Democrat? Could it be that in their minds there is no realistic way they could have been so wrong en masse about Obama? Could it be possible that instead of being the anti-Bush change agent that he purported to be, he is actually as bad a President as he has turned out to be? Could people have been so wrong? Could that even remotely be possible...'

Iran, Israel, the Middle East and the World (May 2009) - ' Israel going to be left to do the worlds dirty work, and if so, will the Obama administration have her back? Ironically popular among Jews in the United States, just how supportive of Israel will Obama be? This new administration shows a willingness to let bygones be bygones no matter how egregious, but will they support Israel in the fight for it's life? I'm afraid we may have to see...'.  

Barack Obama versus a serial killer! (June 2013) - '...This plan comes from an administration in Washington either so inept, so naive, so inexperienced or that is so desperately looking for political victories here at home that it is willing to believe whatever crap is shoveled at them in what is an extremely difficult and critical foreign policy and national security situation...' (Note: This concerns making peace with the Taliban but it is out of the same mold as negotiations with Iran)

Is Obama's Syria endgame getting Israel attacked? (August 2013) - '...If there is no strategic good that can come from lobbing missiles into Syria and then walking away, could an Iranian attack on Israel be part of the plan? To be clear this is not necessarily a conspiracy theory but a question that is based on prior treatment of Israel by the Obama administration. And, before you answer, please read 'Coalition Building 101' and see if any of these 11 steps have been taken by President Obama...' (Note: The world was only spared from another Obama foreign policy blunder by the Russians)

And now from Isi Leibler an excerpt from the article:

No Illusions Concerning the Obama Administration

'...Israel is heading for what could be its most severe confrontation with the United States, despite reassuring words from the Obama administration to the contrary.

President Obama’s policies have led to a US retreat at all levels in the global arena, particularly in the Middle East where his disastrous policy of “engaging” with rogue states coincided with alienating, even abandoning, traditional US allies like Egypt and Saudi Arabia. His administration has also totally failed to mitigate the rampant bloodshed with hundreds of civilians being killed daily in Syria, Iraq and elsewhere in the Arab world.

However, despite all evidence to the contrary, the administration persists in its mantra that the principal problem in the Middle East is the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and displays a determination to impose a settlement on Israelis and Palestinians. It does so– even setting aside the problem of Hamas – despite the fact that the undemocratic PA President Abbas whose term expired years ago, is neither willing nor has the authority to make any meaningful concessions to Israel.

The US chooses to disregard to the extreme intransigency of the Palestinians and the massive ongoing incitement by the Palestinian Authority against Israel and continues to pressure the Israelis, their only regional democratic ally, to make additional unilateral concessions, many of which have long-term negative security implications for the future viability of the Jewish state.

US Secretary of State, John Kerry, presents himself as a “friend” of Israel. Yet his offensive off the cuff remarks not only depict him as somewhat of a buffoon, but demonstrates that he now openly sides against Israel in the confrontation with the Palestinians....' Use the link above to read the rest of the article.

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