Saturday, October 19, 2013

Bill de Blasio for Mayor? Will the official color of NYC be changed to red?

Official Flag of New York City - 2013

If de Blasio wins the NYC mayoral election you can likely kiss all of the prior successes of Giuliani and Bloomberg goodbye!

NYC flag under a de Blasio administration?
Goodbye to New York City and hello to the Chicago of the East!

For those residents of New York City who plan to vote in the upcoming mayoral election AND who plan to vote for Bill de Blasio, do yourself and the City a favor by at the very least educating yourself on the candidate before you do!

Why do I say that? Don't all voters educate themselves on the issues before making a decision as important as who to vote for as the chief executive of whatever country, city or town that they live in?

If two terms of Barack Obama shows us anything the answer to that question is an emphatic NO!

If that were the case then wouldn't some of these issues have potentially swayed some Democrat minds, particularly the second time around? (from TPC August 18,2012):

  • Catholics who might still vote for Obama/Biden even though they are forcing the Catholic Church to pay for abortion!
  • Jews who might still vote for Obama/Biden even though they have not stopped Iran's nuclear capability and their "balanced" Mid-East policy did not include ANY visit to Israel!
  • Doctors who may still vote for Obama/Biden even though ObamaCare includes 127 government committees and boards, all  made up of government bureaucrats who will run our healthcare system!
  • Wall Street'ers, bankers, small business owners and insurance brokers, who may still vote for Obama/Biden even though they have not only vilified your professions, but have introduced  totally inappropriate, cumbersome, and non-workable sets of new rules, regulations, taxes and fees!
  • African-Americans and Latinos, who may still vote for Obama/Biden even though their policies have resulted in a 12% unemployment rate and a 20% underemployed rate within your own groups!! And, finally,
  • Everyone else who still may vote for Obama/Biden, in spite of  their policies which, after 4 years, still have resulted in a 17 Trillion dollar deficit, a  8.3% unemployment rate,  a 1.2 % GDP, our homes losing more of its equity , a "permanent" unemployed, welfare-dependent and entitlement generation,  and watched as we lost our place as the leader of the free world?

None of these issues plus the many more were enough to sway a large part of the US electorate from voting for a President who after one-term in office had proven himself to be below Jimmy Carter on the list of failed American Presidents.

Votes for Barack Obama were based solely on the fact that a Democrat is a Democrat and that Democrats only vote for Democrats no matter what.

That plus the negligence of the mainstream media to actually do its job and report the facts and rather acting as just another wing of the Democrat Party. Even worse it was complicit in demonizing Romney at every opportunity while raising Obama to the level of a Demigod.

So why should anyone expect something different from these same voters when it comes time to choose the next mayor of New York City?

Isn't insanity seeing the same thing happen over and over again and then expect a different outcome the next time?

Well 'hope springs eternal' and maybe this time the Democrats will wise up and actually do as much research into who the next mayor is as they do into what the name of some celebrities baby might be.

Residents of New York City! 

To the residents of New York City the upcoming election is far too important to let embedded ideology or political bias blind you to the basic facts of who Bill de Blasio is, what he has done in the past and the direction that he plans to take your hometown in the future!

If you like what your city has become, enjoy walking down your street after dark, hate your taxes but don't want to see them skyrocket higher, like the fact that companies might actually choose to stay in the City or even move here and want to keep it that way then please educate yourself before you pull the lever because an educated voter is in everyones best interests!

You will be doing both yourself and those who commute and work in the city the biggest favor in the world!

H/T IOwnTheWorld

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