Thursday, October 31, 2013

Screw the Obamacare lies, here's an Obamacare true story!

Barack Obama gave his typically political speech about Obamacare on Tuesday in Boston and, based on the fact that his lips were moving, it was all lies and misrepresentations of the truth!

He gave the national address in front of crowd in Massachusetts that was apparently comprised of mindless Sheeple on the one hand and likely members of SEIU on the other.

They clapped and genuflected throughout which, in not so many days, will be followed by tears when they find out what their King has done to them, their healthcare and for many their personal finances.

And when that happens I will have no sympathy for them because they will have reaped what they have sown.

My sympathy will be reserved for the rest of us. All of the people who knew that there is never something for nothing and that the government, particularly under this President, can do nothing right.

Never-the-less, we will have been sucked into this medical misery right along with them while their King and his Court have exempted themselves from the same fate!

And as an irrelevant aside, the President chose to give this speech in Boston on a day when the Red Sox were playing to clinch the World Series.

A fact that made his presence in that town another factor that would throw an already overcrowded and overexcited city into a lockdown based on his movements.

While anecdotal in nature, to me it is just another indication of the disdain and lack of concern that he has for the mere peasants.

A family's story showing the real impact of Obamacare for many Americans!

Thank you for the opportunity to share our story.

Facts: we are a family of 4 living in the middle class bracket. Our daughter (4 yrs old) has Down Syndrome.

My husband and I make an average gross income of 150K annually. He is self employed and I work as a professional.

Prior to Obamacare we could afford all medical/therapy related Needs for our daughter.

Post Obamacare we cannot and have bills coming at us weekly from any doctor/hospital or lab/therapist that we see in a given month.

It is not my daughter’s fault that she needs help so I take full responsibility for her needs and care. Unfortunately, even with all other living arrangements being equal, I have lost 8,000 in income to out of pocket expenses and that amount is what I have been able to pay out of pocket. I am now on a payment plan with 4 providers because I can’t pay them. This is after insurance offered by my company and my investment of 3,500 into flex spending has been used up.

I now am having to consider cutting therapy sessions (she has apraxia) and we want her to have the help she needs to learn to speak but the bills aren’t getting paid because of limits in care by my firm and me being able to pay the bills for more care and not having income left to do so.

Finally, next year the limit for flex spending is going from 8,000 to 2,500. This is honestly unimaginable to those of us trying to care for our own. This is by far the biggest shock as you would expect more help not 40% less!

I am meeting with a social worker next week to determine if working hard and having an income is a detriment to my daughter’s ability to qualify for the care she needs. If I make less money and can qualify for government help and let my fellow Americans pay a portion, I will likely have no choice but to do it because my purpose in life is to care for my children who cannot do it themselves.

This has been a very depressing 2 years as Obamacare in the short term has dramatically changed our way of living and providing for our family.

While I am trying to remain optimistic, the results speak volumes to me as a citizen.

I beg you to consider my example, as there are 1,000′s of my story out there and there will be more and more as companies change their healthcare plans to reflect the market trend.

I do not want to ask my fellow Americans to pay my bills through Medicaid and I do not want to give up my career just to qualify to get her the help she needs either. There has got to be a better way and this current system isn’t it.


Stacey Y

H/T Sense on Cents

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