Wednesday, October 9, 2013

What do Martians think about Barack Obama? (Video)

Women from Mars

How extraterrestrials view life on earth and more specifically in the United States under the rule of 'Great Leader' Obama!  

In my imaginary world where up is down, down is up and Washington bureaucrats actually give a crap about doing the peoples business and not simply about holding on to power, I had the opportunity to listen to Barack Obama's pontification Tuesday about the government shutdown and the upcoming debt ceiling debate.

Predictable as his comments and the softball questions from the 'media' were there was one section that stood out as particularly egregious, even for the POTUS.

If the President is correct in his thinking then this is a strategy that we should all attempt in our own lives in order to test its 'real world' validity and workability outside of the non-reality world of Washington fuzzy math.

The President told us that we have the wrong idea when we assume that raising the federal debt ceiling and borrowing more money actually raises the amount of debt the country will have outstanding. According to his math this process will not increase our debt by one dime. In his words beginning at about 1:25 of the video:

Using this theory we can therefore assume that the banks we as individuals try to borrow money from whether in a mortgage, HELOC or business loan will disregard the fact that this new money needs to be considered when analyzing our ability to pay it back.

After all raising our personal or business debt limit and borrowing more money, using the Presidents theory, does not add one dime to our debt or ability to pay. Sufficiently confused?

In any event being sure of my opinion about the CEO of our country I was curious to learn what beings who had never before heard of Barack Obama, Democrats or Republicans think.

And, after listening yesterday along with my Martian guests to about an hour and a half of Obama flame throwing, name calling and finger pointing concerning the government shutdown, the upcoming debt ceiling debate and theoretical default on government bonds, they had some interesting observations about life as we know it!

Martians For Obama! 

The first issue that my green bothers wondered about was as stark as it was clearcut. Why they asked does Great Leader Obama allow the entity known as the Republican Party to roam in the civilized world of the Democrats at all? If they ceased to exist they asked, wouldn't the world described by the Great Leader be allowed to take hold and nirvana would be had by all earthlings in the sector known as the USA?

How they asked can it be fair that such a pious and beneficent group known as Democrats be forced to try and coexist with a group that has nothing but its own self serving interests at heart and that who, as the Great Leader Obama made exceedingly clear, cares little about the well being of anyone but themselves.

Next they opined that non-Republicans not only in the land of the Great Leader but around the entire planet must be thanking their inter-stellar Gods that earth has at its disposal a being possessing the greatness and the wisdom of this human known as Barack Obama.

In the report being prepared to send back to the Red Planet they speculated about the level of crisis that would exist in this world were it not for this Great Leader domiciled in the great White House who, through said great leadership, works tirelessly to avert global decimation on a scale few earthlings could conceive of.

How they wondered can this one man known as Obama and his group known as Democrats be so good, altruistic, public-minded and caring only to be stifled at every turn by the mean-spirited and self-serving group known as Republicans.

I had to try and convince my 'friends' that they were only getting one side of the argument and that this man by the name Obama had the bully pulpit at his disposal along with a empire filled with Sheeple who are more concerned with other issues to question anything that the Great Leader says.

What could be more important they asked me and at that point I attempted to explain the Kardashians, Honey Boo Boo and Dancing With The Stars but it was too difficult for them to grasp these concepts. 

Making my explanation more difficult was the fact that it I can't understand either this detached 'lambs being led to the slaughter' mentality of so many of the American people. 

Finally the Mars delegation also had an administrative question about who the beings in the audience of Barack Obama as he speaks actually are.

Why they asked, if these people were only there to do his bidding and to ask simple questions that the President could answer in a way that best explained his position, are they not called Democrats and instead go by the name of White House Press Corps?

That, I answered, is a question I have been wondering about for a long time myself!

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