Friday, October 25, 2013

Bill de Blasio: Caveat Emptor New York City!

Flashback October 19, 2013: Goodbye to New York City and hello to the Chicago of the East! 

For those residents of New York City who plan to vote in the upcoming mayoral election AND who plan to vote for Bill de Blasio, do yourself and the City a favor by at the very least educating yourself on the candidate before you do! 

Why do I say that? Don't all voters educate themselves on the issues before making a decision as important as who to vote for as the chief executive of whatever country, city or town that they live in?

If two terms of Barack Obama shows us anything the answer to that question is an emphatic NO!

Now to the present! Hey all you NYC liberals out there! Didn't you learn your lesson with Barack Obama? 

Apparently not or apparently you are happy with the state of the union under what can only be described as a socialist regime. And now you want to put New York City through the same ordeal.

This is possible due only to the nature of liberals who will likely sweep Bill de Blasio into the position of Mayor of New York.

It's a frightening prospect but one that will become a reality unless a great many voters come to their senses. Why?

Besides the voters being more concerned with the engagement of Kim Kardashian than they are with a decision that will have a direct affect on their quality of life now and into the future, there are other factors at play that will lead to a majority vote for de Blasio.

The rich liberals will vote for de Blasio because they want to assuage their guilt over being rich. And, to be honest, the likely increase in crime under a de Blasio regime will simply be a boon for the limo businesses as the wealthy choose to stay out of the subways and have the ability to pay for the finer ways to travel.

Higher taxes? The rich will muddle through that hardship as well.

For the liberals on the lower end of the economic spectrum a vote for de Blasio will simply mean saying yes to an administration that believes in a redistribution of wealth that will be to their benefit although, they too will feel the pain of the inevitable increase in crime.

The real losers if and when de Blasio is elected? The middle class who will be forced to bear the brunt of the tax increases while at the same time dealing with the rise in crime, potential hit to property values and outflow of jobs as the cost of doing business in NYC becomes to much of a burden and companies flee.

Bottom Line? Caveat Emptor NYC voters! Caveat Emptor!

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