Thursday, September 26, 2013

Watcher's Council Nominations 'Syria Moved onto the Back-Burner' Edition

Obamacare and the non-handshake handshake with Iran's new President have moved the WMD crisis in Syria to the back-burner of Americans minds! 

The theory inside the White House concerning anything to do with Obama administration crisis, scandal and/or cover-up of said criss or scandal is very much like the saying concerning the weather in Colorado.

In Colorado it's said that if you don't like the weather wait five minutes and it will change.

For the Obama administration it's simply wait a day or two until some new 'situation' undoubtedly shows itself that will move the prior one into limbo.

Their hope is that it will then be forgotten by all besides those Americans who will persist until the truth is somehow pulled out of the Kung Fu Grip of an administration who doesn't want to let go of the truth.

The Watcher's Council!

For those who may be enjoying their first Watcher's Council experience, it is a group that consists of some of the top conservative bloggers from around the world.

A group that The Political Commentator is extremely proud to be part of!

Each week the members select and submit an article that they have written in addition to one article from a non-council blog they find to be particularly topical and important.

While you may not always agree with what you read, that fact alone may make the experience much more valuable!

Once all of the nominated articles have been received at an undisclosed location by the Council leader, a location that is well hidden in an underground bunker located on the Left Coast of the United States, the Watchers Council members review and vote for their favorite entries.

These votes are protected and held by outside auditing firm Arthur Andersen until such time as they are counted and a winner has been chosen for the Grand Prize.

This Grand Prize which consists of the appreciation of ones peers.

In the end, however, we are all winners for having had the opportunity to read the analysis of the critical issues of the day.

In a nutshell, the Watchers Council is the ultimate conservative blog aggregator!

So without further ado the Watcher's Council nominations for the week of September 23, 2013 are...?

Council Submissions

Honorable Mentions

Non-Council Submissions


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