Tuesday, September 3, 2013

War and politics do (should) not mix!

But for Barack Obama politics is a key component to every decision that he makes or does not make!

For this President there are few if any domestic and foreign policy or national security issues that are not painted with the brush of partisan politics, indecision and unfortunately gross incompetence and mismanagement as well.

These facts have been made abundantly clear over the past five or so years whether it was the massacre and cover-up of the truth about the US embassy attack in Benghazi, the imperative for the immediate passage of the stimulus bill, debt limit fights coupled with the incessant White House warnings that America would default if it was not raised (new fight coming soon), Obamacare or the full-court press put on by Obama over the dire consequences from a sequester to name just a few.

Now it is time for this President to politicize US military action in Syria by flip-flopping on both the immediate imperative for punitive action against the Assad government and his right to go it alone without approval from Congress.

Therefore, if everything up to and including our national interests and national security are fair game for use as political chess pieces by this White House how can so many Americans, including the mainstream media, continue to give Barack Obama teflon-coated immunity for everything that he says, does or does not do?

'...here is what we can likely expect. The argument will move away from whether or not Assad used chemical weapons and become an argument that Congress must not undermine US prestige and credibility by failing to support President Obama, the latest front man for American wars of aggression. 

The White House will bribe, cajole, and intimidate the Congress. The regime’s argument will be that with America’s prestige and credibility on the line, Congress must support the President.  The President and Secretary of State have made unequivocal statements of Assad’s guilt and their determination to punish Assad. Given Washington’s insanity, the way Washington punishes Assad for (allegedly) killing Syrians with chemical weapons is for Washington to kill more Syrians with cruise missiles.  

If this doesn’t make sense to you, you don’t belong in Obama’s government or in the American media...' (Source)

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