Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Strippers on Strike? (Video)

What is this world coming to?

If McDonald's workers want to go on strike to demand that the minimum wage in their franchise be raised to $15 an hour that is certainly their right.

Not a particularly smart move for any number of reasons up to and including the fact that many workers will likely have to lose their jobs so that others can have their wages potentially doubled, but it is absolutely within their rights to do it.

On-the-other-hand, there seems to be some perverse logic at work when gentlemen's club workers, aka strippers, bring a court case to demand the same from the clubs in which they work.

It was always my understanding that strippers, like bellhops and waiters , earned their money through hard work that ultimately results in the tips derived from the particular service that they provided.

Bellhops carry your bag, waiters bring you food and strippers entertain through a variety of activities.

And, if memory serves, strippers are compensated handsomely for such performances as you can observe in the video with money floating down from the rafters!

That said, the unfortunate fact of the matter is that we are in the year 2013 and we are in America which remains an overly litigious society. This means that there are no limitations on bringing lawsuits whether they have merit or not.

To date there is no serious discussion of tort reform and no talk of the loser in an action having to pay the winners attorney fees so, for the foreseeable future, anything goes.

The plaintiffs hire lawyers to bring the action which forces the defendant to hire a lawyer to defend against the action and while one side or the other will likely win, the one group who always wins are the lawyers who are incentivized by making more money the longer they can cause the action to drag on.

The courtroom combatants also have to deal with judges who may not solely be tied to dispensing justice but who may in fact be trying to adapt the law so that a decision fits with their particular ideology.

The target for this lawsuit brought by the strippers was the midtown Manhattan purveyor of adult entertainment that goes by the name Rick's Cabaret.

The ultimate result of this case has not fully been determined but in the opinion of the judge in the US District Court in the Southern District of New York these ladies are indeed employees and not independent contractors.

Will the next step be to start charging tax on a lap dance?

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