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Sports Analogies for Obama Strategies! (Video and Syria update)

Breaking News September 14 6:45 AM

'The Political Punt' over Syria and it use of chemical weapons - 'Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov say they have reached an agreement on a framework for securing Syria's chemical weapons that includes a timetable and that if Syria fails to comply, they will seek a Security Council resolution that could authorize military action.' (Fox)

Result: Classic example of the overused phrase 'kicking the can down the road!'

No punitive action against Assad in Syria will occur, Obama has achieved his precious political cover, Assad and the unknown rebels will continue on in civil war, Obama looks incredibly weak as his redline proves to be no-line and his rhetoric empty as expected, chemical weapons will likely be used again in that country and the United States under this President has apparently ceded US foreign policy to Putin and Russia!

Finally this 'deal' sounds very much like all of the past 'deals' with Iran that have done absolutely nothing to deter that country's move towards a nuclear weapons capability! As Kerry said 'talk is cheap'!

Article 'Sports Analogies for Obama Strategies! (Video)' begins below the picture:

Five-plus years into the Obama administration culture of scandal and cover-up with many doing a slow or not-so-slow fade from public view, these sports analogies describe the President's clear-cut political strategy!

Whether Syria, Benghazi, NSA, IRSgate or one of the plethora of other administration scandals the White House strategy accomplished in conjunction with the mainstream media seems to always be the same.

It begins with the President promising the truth and that someone will be brought to justice or be held accountable, with the media either ignoring the subject altogether or somehow deflecting blame to the Republicans and finally by stalling and delaying until some other issue has taken over the front pages with no satisfactory resolution achieved.

Nowhere was this more apparent than when the media skewered Mitt Romney for questioning the approach of the administration concerning the massacre in Benghazi instead of being all over the President for his failed leadership that allowed four Americans to be murdered in Benghazi!

A sports analogy for the media could be a comparison to the Russian and eastern European judges during past Olympics when these supposedly independent arbiters of the 'truth' basically stole the Gold medal from the USA basketball team and consistently robbed US boxers, gymnasts, figure skaters and the like of higher medals or even any medals through unfair and biased low-ball scoring.

Sports strategies that seem to mirror Obama administration strategy!

By replacing some of these sports terms with Washington terms that include scandal, cover-up, politics, government, failed leadership, smokescreen, politicians, Democrats, Obama administration, political etc. a sports strategy can be converted to a political one.

For example in the description of the Four Corners Stall Offense below make the following substitutions in the first sentence:

four corners offense = cover-up
offensive = political
basketball = crisis situations

'The four corners offense is an offensive strategy for stalling in basketball.' becomes

The cover-up is a political strategy for stalling in crisis situations.

In the second sentence try these substitutions and ask yourself whether this is in fact what the Obama administration has been attempting to do:

4 players = administration spokespeople
stand in the corners = stand at podiums
offensive half-court of = in administration friendly venues
and the fifth dribbles the ball in the middle = while the President ignores or dodges the issue

'4 players stand in the corners of the offensive half-court and the fifth dribbles the ball in the middle.'

Administration spokespeople stand at the podium in administration friendly venues while the President ignores or dodges the issue.

The Four Corners Stall Offense!

'The four corners offense is an offensive strategy for stalling in basketball. 4 players stand in the corners of the offensive half-court and the fifth dribbles the ball in the middle. Most of the time the point guard stays in the middle, but the middle player would periodically switch, temporarily, with one of the corner players. It was a strategy that was used in college basketball prior to the institution of the shot clock...' (Source)

You get the general idea!

The Rope-a-Dope!

The second Obama administration strategy that closely resembles one from sports history would be the Rope-a-Dope that was made famous by boxing legend Muhammad Ali during The Rumble in the Jungle against George Foreman.

In this boxing technique one fighter lies on the ropes with his gloves covering his face with the ropes helping to absorb the punches while allowing the other fighter to 'punch himself' out ultimately becoming tired and defenseless.

To my mind this typifies the Obama administration strategy over the entirety of its years in power. Let the Republicans and conservative pundits go on the offensive while the Obama administration barely responds or 'counterpunches' tiring out all involved until the point where they hope to win by technical knockout earning political points at the same time.

These are cowardly political strategies that run counter to the best interests of the United States!

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