Thursday, September 5, 2013

Sexy women and clean guns! (Videos)

A look at the right to have bare arms, to practice the art of self-defense and the procedure for keeping your gun clean!

This is an article that has it all including a woman in lingerie teaching how to strip and clean a Glock, two commercials about why good guys with guns trump bad guys with guns and finally an article that provides the how-to for keeping your gun in good working order.


Cleaning a Glock and the art of self defense!

'The ABC's of Gun Cleaning'

'About a month ago I had a very good friend of mine have a negligent discharge of his firearm just as he was preparing to clean it. He shot himself. Thankfully his injury was only a flesh wound in the palm of his hand. After making sure he was alright and after poking fun at his pain (as any good friend would do) I thought about all the potential pitfalls involved with cleaning your firearm. Certainly we try to be as cautious as possible when cleaning but there are times when we get complacent or hurried. It is those times when we are most vulnerable to have a negligent discharge.

There are a few things we should always do when it comes to cleaning your gun. I’m not going to try and reinvent the wheel here but maybe just give you, the reader, some food for thought. I would refer to these reminders as the ABC of weapons cleaning...' Read the rest of the article at USA Carry here.

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