Monday, September 9, 2013

Russia's Putin provides Obama with his Syria escape hatch!

Or, put another way, the Obama redline doing the slow fade that the President has been searching for!

Or put even another way is this Barack Obama, the academic, teaching the world 'Kicking the can down the road 101'?

Did Putin, not particularly an Obama fan, provide the President with an out for avoiding military action in Syria for the good of the world or to receive more White House concessions?

President Obama said on Monday he would "run to ground" a proposal floated by the Russians that would wrest control of chemical weapons from Syria and would potentially head off a U.S. military strike against the Bashar Assad regime.
Obama, who conducted a half dozen television interviews on Monday afternoon to try to gin up support for his call for military action against Syria said he would "absolutely" put off a punitive strike if Assad gave up his weapons.
This vague and non-enforceable proposal that would have Syria turn over and/or secure all of its chemical weapons is basically a non-starter that has been quickly embraced by the Obama administration as it provides them with the wiggle room to delay and do nothing that they have desperately been searching for.

And once the delay game begins, much like they have done with the Benghazi embassy massacre (approaching its one-year anniversary), this strategy will continue to be used under the assumption that the media will let the story fade away and the American people will become to preoccupied by the new season of The X Factor to notice.

And finally the President, who has looked incredibly weak and indecisive during this whole redline debacle, is doing what all narcissists will do which is to try and grab victory from the jaws of defeat.

He does this once again assuming that the media will have his back and that the American people are to stupid to notice!

This last paragraph says it all:

"But we're going to have to see specifics," Obama said. "And I think it is reasonable to assume that we would not be at this point if there were not a credible military threat standing behind the norm against the use of chemical weapons." (Source)

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