Monday, September 9, 2013

Would military action in Syria be escalating Obama's 'tail wagging the dog' strategy exponentially?

This time has the strategy culminated with the potential for regional and even global (aka WWIII) war over the use of chemical weapons by some unknown someone in Syria?

Question: What happens when one Obama administration scandal and subsequent cover-up runs into another which runs into another and then another and...?

Answer: Could the answer possibly be an escalation of White House solutions in the form of other crises, some potentially manufactured, designed to take the prior scandal out of the media and off of the minds of the American people who most likely weren't paying attention anyway!

The most current examples of White House scandal or cover-up of course includes the NSA wiretapping, IRSGate and failure to provide the truth behind the Benghazi embassy massacre to name just three.

If my hypothesis concerning the White House is true then this 'tail wagging the dog' strategy, in the hands of incompetents and global conflict neophytes, can be an extremely dangerous thing.

Nowhere has that been made more clear than by watching and listening to the Obama administrations full-court press over its desire for military action in Syria based on some unknown party's use of chemical weapons.

We have no global coalition, the President has marginal support from the Congress including members of his own Party, don't know who our real enemy or true friends in the conflict are and have no articulated strategy or endgame.

All we have is a President who has boxed himself into a corner and taken the rest of the country (and potentially the world) along with him.

Given those facts could it even be possible that some new 'tail wagging the dog' event is waiting out there for the President to use in order to bail himself out of the Syrian situation?

I certainly hope not because the prospect of the magnitude required to do that is far worse than anything that this President has dug the country into with Syria!

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