Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Obama-Syria-NFL football analogy!

NFL cheerleader tryouts
An Obama-Syria-NFL analogy to commemorate the start of the NFL season! 

And also in light of the newest proposal from the Senate to give the President a firm 60-day window for action against Syria with a limit of one 30-day extension.

The Obama administration strategy of laying out its entire playbook for punitive military action to be taken against Syria is like the New York Jets giving the Tampa Bay Buccaneers every single play they will run on offense and the exact defenses they will be calling on Sunday, all in their exact order, and Jets fans expressing their surprise and disgust if and when their team doesn't win*.

*As a Jets fan it pains me to say that most likely the Jets would not win even if Tampa Bay actually did give all of their plays to Gang Green.

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