Sunday, September 29, 2013

Malpractice Analogies: If Barack Obama was a...

Presidential malpractice? Obama opens a line of communication to rogue nation Iran in the hope that diplomacy and negotiation will stop that country's nuclear weapons program!

As is the case with basically everything that this President does do or that chooses not to do, this decision to dialogue with terrorists will be a miserable failure for the US, a win for Iran and a loss for the world community.

Ironically it has been well documented that this so-called diplomatic thawing between our two countries sadly and appropriately (not in a good way) marks the first time that this has occurred since Jimmy Carter occupied the Oval Office!

This effort represents yet another attempt by Obama to 'solve' the Middle East puzzle, a critical national security problem for ourselves and for our allies, in a way that will not only fail but worse that will embolden and allow Iran to continue along on it nuclear weapons acquisition program that may already be too late to stop.

The crux of the matter and more importantly what the Left continues to refuse to understand is that the ONLY thing these rogue states and terrorist organizations respond to is the CREDIBLE threat of military action or force. And, as Syria's redline crossing showed only too well to these people, the Obama administration has absolutely none of that credibility thing.

So exactly what is it with our crown prince of arrogance? What is it that makes him so incredibly incompetent in the daily double that consists of the one-two finish of domestic and international policy issues?

Could he actually be this incompetent coupled with the fact that a junior senator with no real world experience beyond community organizing was handed the job as the leader of the free world and is now in way over his head?

Or is this 'incompetence', as speculated here umpteen times in the past ('Barack Obama: The Manchurian President'), all part of his master plan to bring the United States to its knees?

Whatever it is if instead of POTUS Barack Obama worked in one of the following professions, would he be open to civil action for negligence and/or incompetence?

Hypothetical malpractice cases against the President for various failures in leadership! What if Barack Obama...
  • If Barack Obama was a doctor he could be sued for malpractice based on the physical and emotional damage Obamacare is about to inflict on his 'patients' consisting of the citizens of the United States.
  • If Barack Obama was an architect he could be sued for the failed blueprint he has drawn to build his foreign policy and national security programs that have actually made the US less safe. His newest blueprint for stopping Iran's nuclear weapons program through democracy is a perfect case in point!
  • If Barack Obama was a dentist he could be sued for negligence based on his unwillingness to drill for the natural resources that would help get the country off of its dependence on countries who hate us.
  • If Barack Obama was a financial advisor he could be sued for violating his fiduciary responsibility by neglecting to make any attempt to manage the country's finances in a responsible manner.
  • If Barack Obama was the chairman of the board of a publicly traded company he could be sued for  decision-making that put his own ego and agenda ahead of the best interests of the firms shareholders.
  • If Barack Obama was a con-man he could be sued by Jimmy Carter for doing an imitation of the former President that is actually a disservice to the man who, up until five years ago, could have been considered the nations worst!
You get the general idea but Barack Obama is not any of these things. Instead he is President of the United States and we as a nation have no recourse beyond taking back the Congress in 2014 and the White House in 2016!

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