Thursday, September 26, 2013

Has the Republican Party lost its way? You bet your ass it has!

Are Republicans cannibalizing themselves? 
Is TPC a traitor to the conservative cause for suggesting that some form of reconciliation with the mainstream GOP is the only way to prevent Democrat rule for years to come?

I ask this question in light of this thought: Is the current configuration of the Republican Party merely a compilation and conglomeration of well meaning yet holier-than-thou politicians totally intransigent in their positions that will ultimately result in incredible pain for everyone in the country who is not part of the Washington establishment?

The politicians making potentially life and death decisions for the American people include the old guard, the new guard, conservatives, RINOs, Tea Partier's, rank and file Republicans and any other name or acronym you can think of.

All categories that are running headlong into a perfectly laid political trap set by the Democrat Party! A trap that has at its core nothing other than pure political ambition at the expense of all Americans, but a trap none-the-less.

Put more succinctly, when the varying factions on the Right side of the negotiation become unwavering in their positions with all firmly believing that they alone hold both the political and moral high-ground, it's the American people who ultimately will lose. And lose badly for generations to come!

Watching Washington as the Obamacare clock ticks to the zero-hour I am both sad and quite concerned as this medical monstrosity will soon become a fait-accompli spelling both a health care and economic disaster for the people of the country.

And, at the same time, I watch the public infighting of Republicans in Congress that is effectively creating a fog of gloom as I sadly realize that the GOP is incapable of playing on the same political ball field as the Democrats.

While the Democrats may be factually and most likely morally wrong, they possess the marketing and public relations acumen to peddle those wrong positions off in such a way that their loyal voting block is willing to follow along blindly like lambs being led to the slaughter! And aiding them in no small way in this endeavor is of course their political lap dog that exists in the form of the mainstream media.

While this political propaganda machine is in full swing, the Democrats are also incredibly skilled at portraying the other side of the argument, in this case Republicans, as scum who may be slightly more acceptable than the crap that gets stuck to the bottom of your shoe.

So what are the various factions on the Right to do in order to coalesce around the primary objectives? Good question but it better be something that minimizes the destructive impact of Obamacare, holds the majority in the House and gets a majority in the Senate in 2014 while at the same time wins back the White House in 2016. 

If these don't occur Obamacare could be the least of our country's problems!

Does this position calling for some degree of political pragmatism make TPC a traitor to the conservative ideals of government? I don't think so although many others will believe that is exactly the case.

While this may be naive if we do not somehow find a way to work together and the Democrats assume control of Congress and the White House and destroy the country to the point that conservatives sweep in 2018 and 2020, will there be anything left of the United States to save?

Flashback about five weeks ago:

'Conservatives, Tea Party and GOP: Can we find some way to get along just a little bit?*'

'*And should we even bother trying? (2nd draft)

Hypothesis: If the vote on the Right is fractured in 2014 and 2016 does the entire country lose that election?

In other words is there any way for the Tea Party, Conservatives and the mainstream Republican Party to figure out a way to somehow work, without compromising individual ideals, principles and philosophies, towards a common goal which is defeat of the Democrats! 

While many who read this will consider mainstream GOP politicians to in essence be no different and no better than Democrats, having personally watched Obama, Pelosi and Reid govern in ways that are purely detrimental to the economic and national security future of the nation there is in my humble opinion no basis for comparison between the two...' (Source)

And now, a day after the Cruz Senate-floor marathon over the defunding of Obamacare, things inside the Republican Party may have gotten even worse:

'Sen. Ted Cruz’s talk marathon on the Senate floor has done little to ease the fraught relationship between the junior senator from Texas and the rest of his Republican conference. In fact, comments from a number of GOP senators Wednesday suggested the rift between the tea-party wing and the rest of the caucus is growing.

“The senator from Texas made a big point that members of Congress, in his opinion, were not listening to the American people,” said Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla. “I have a lot experience at listening as a physician. That’s what I got paid to do. I think what Senator Cruz and some of his allies in the Senate … their tactics are tremendously erroneous, in my opinion.”

Others said Cruz’s tactic—urging Republicans to block Senate debate on a House budget bill to defund Obamacare that many of them support—had muddled the issues for Congress and the public...' (Source)

All the while the Democrats, led by Obama, his bully pulpit, Reid and Pelosi sit by and watch as the Republicans cannibalize themselves.


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